Buying a Used Car to Save you Money

Although it is always nice to be the first person to drive a particular car, a lot has to be considered before you lay down your hard earned money. For one, are you buying brand new because you think it is a safer purchase? Do you think there are some benefits to that new car over one that is one year old and has less than 20,000miles (30,000kms)? To some the purchase of a brand new car right off the delivery truck is more like a status symbol of your success rather than being a sound financial decision.

Save Electricity by Unplugging Unused Electronic/Appliances

In the case of plug in appliance or electronics, just because you have turned the machine or item off doesn’t mean it isn’t using energy. Most electrical appliances will draw a very small to moderate current flow when plugged in, but not being used. Such culprits would be your TV, cellphone changer, microwave, DVD player, computer, computer monitor and/or a stereo system. Even your household furnace will draw energy for the electronic controls and internal transformer even when the thermostat is turned off.

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Improve Fuel economy by reducing engine warm up time idling.

You have to remember that when you are idling, you are getting ZERO MILES PER GALLON. The less you idle, the better your fuel economy.

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